If Republican Primary Hurts GOP Brand, Obama’s Continued Vulnerability Should Terrify Democrats








You can feel the conventional wisdom congealing into a Jell-O mold of quadrennial like-think amongst media personalities: the contentious Republican primary is forcing candidates to take positions outside the national mainstream, hurting the party’s brand and the eventual presidential nominee; by wild extension, the primary may even doom the party’s chances in down ballot races. It’s a tiringly predictable accusation, and one that is never reciprocally applied to Democrats when they suffer through a contested presidential primary. But if this is the case, Obama’s continued vulnerability and a lack of approval for Congressional Democrats should terrify the party. If the GOP brand is so tarnished as to be unelectable, the Democrats have done irreparable damage to their own brand when they were entrusted with both majorities in the two chambers of Congress and the White House…Read More

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