Ron Paul’s Expensive Failure

Ron Paul still seems in it for the long haul, but more as a barnacle than a serious candidate. After 29 contests, Paul has only 51 delegates, fewer than 1/10 of those held by frontrunner Romney, and not even within striking distance of third-place Newt Gingrich, a zombie of a candidate. Gingrich can at least put a couple of states in his win column: Paul has not finished first in a single primary or caucus…Read More

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One thought on “Ron Paul’s Expensive Failure

  1. Dr. Ron Paul was cheated out of Maine. The Republicans did not allow some Maine counties’ votes to be tallied, hence Romney took the nomination with no recount. Now, you are saying, “ok, that’s only one state out of 50.” Texas is still tomorrow. California is still due as well.

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