One-man Super PAC Takes on Obama

Can one person determine the outcome of an election? Real Leader PAC, an investment firm out of Florida, is trying to do just that.

Supposedly underwritten by a $250,000 donation from William Lee Hanley, Jr., the chairman of Lexington Management Group Inc., Real Leader PAC has spent an estimated $65,810 airing three ads nearly 200 times in Youngstown, OH, and Johnstown, PA, two towns essential for Obama’s reelection bid.

The ads have concise messages bent on driving down Obama’s turnout in the two regions, both of which Obama lost to Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primaries. In one ad, an anonymous person praises former president Bill Clinton, saying, “I think Bill Clinton could teach Mr. Obama a lot about leadership.” (Consider, just for one second, Clinton leading Obama through a Powerpoint presentation on leadership.)

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