PoliticOlogy’s Guide to the Ron Paul Comments Page


Finally! I’ve longed for someone to actually roll up their cuffs to wade into the comments section of the average Ron Paul article and synthesize the nuttery into one accessible post. Adam Sorenson at Time has done just that, creating a Greatest Hits of the comments section that tracks Paul fans’ increasing cognitive dissonance throughout the GOP primary, entirely in user comments. 

Paul fans, because the MEDIA IS DEAD AND/OR BOUGHT BY THE FED, RON PAUL 2012!!! have haunted the comments section of every Paul-related article for the past twelve months, rarely engaging with any information in the article but instead a) attacking the writer of the piece as a shill, b) nabbing any typo or misplaced punctuation mark and somehow using it as evidence that Paul will be elected president, and, most often, c) simply stating their alternate reality in declarative sentences: “Ron Paul has already won,” “Ron Paul is the only candidate to beat Barack Obama,” and so on. 

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