Ken Bennett Backs Off Perfectly Legitimate Birther Quest

Good morning citizens, and let me sing to you the ballad of Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, who just wanted to ask a few questions about B. Hussein Obama’s birth certificate.

Bennett, knowing the most serious threat to Arizona is not its atrocious economy but the possibility—just a possibility, nobody’s insinuating nothing—that a non-US citizen might sneak onto a ballot and be (re)elected, has been pestering the state of Hawaii for verification of Obama’s birth certificate. Obama’s birth certificate has been verified about 79,000 times by now, and Bennett knows that, citizens, he knows it, but he’s not the one who won’t take “it’s been proved” for an answer: the good people of Arizona just keep raising the issue with him, and what is he supposed to do, provide them with the evidence that’s already been presented?… Read More

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