New Crossroad Ad Strikes a C-minor Chord: Total Bummer


Critics of the new attack ad from Larry McCarthy’s Crossroads GPS are focused on the ad’s poor relationship between facts and politics. But the ad’s message is not factual one, but a distinctly emotional one, aimed to resonate with groups of disillusioned voters disappointed that the POTUS has failed to deliver on his message of hope and change.

Without volume, the ad begins just like any old Sunny D commercial. A mother watches her kids play basketball in the front year. Tired, they run into the kitchen for drinks. The mother seems tired and sad. In a quick time lapse sequence, she ages twenty some-odd-years—her hair shortens into a bob and her skin wrinkles. Maybe more important, she stops talking about her kids playing basketball, instead referring to info-graphics about Obama’s big promises and even bigger failure-to-deliver… Read more.

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