Will Romney Have To Choose Between Women and Old White Men?

Why won’t Mitt Romney make any statements about Senate Republicans expected blockade of the Paycheck Fairness Act later this week? Because he has three conflicting interests: he needs to align himself with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, distance himself from Obama, and secure a greater percentage of women voters, and he can’t do all three.

In 1963, when President Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act (EPA) into law, women made an estimated $.59 for every dollar men earned; since the law’s passage, that number has risen to $.774 cents. But the wage gap between genders has been closing at an increasingly slow pace. Look, for instance, at the figures from 1996, which showed women to be making $.738 to the dollar. That’s a net gain of less than four cents to the dollar in the past twelve years, which isn’t much of an improvement…. Read More.


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