You Don’t Think You Need A Poster Of Andrew Breitbart As Windswept Cloud-Straddling Warrior God, But Your Really, Really Do

If war is hell, then what is #War, the hashtag that Breitbart juniors began affixing to their everything and anything following the Man Himself’s untimely demise three months ago? See, it was never entirely clear what these kids were at #War against, given that Breitbart’s collection of rococo antics never added up to anything resembling a coherent ideology, and bought into their own bullshit waaaaaaaaay too much to qualify him as some sort of professional anarcho-skeptic. But that didn’t stop Breitbart Juniors from feeling that some #Enemy had taken their hero in #Battle, which makes Breitbart a #Martyr. It really is like Jesus all over again: the man was supposed to expel the money changers, but now he’s dead, and the Temple is still corrupt. What do you do but go out tell the people?… Read More.

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