At Press Conference, Obama Warns Against European-Style Austerity, Calls For New Investment To Spur Job Growth



At the end of a bad week involving a desultory jobs report and a loss for his team in Wisconsin, Barack Obama held a professorial press conference Friday morning, notable mostly for its lack of mention of Mitt Romney.

The meat of the conference came in discussion of Europe’s fiscal woes, which the administration is focusing on for two reasons: 1) Europe’s fiscal strength is one of the biggest threats to our economic recovery, and 2) the Germany-led EU has been imposing harsh austerity measures of the type that the GOP would love to enact here, and they’re not working. The Democrats want to link European stagnation with GOP policies: if you want an economy like England’s or Spain’s, vote Republican. As PoliticOlogy noted yesterday, Obama has to work with European leaders like Angela Merkel and David Cameron, so he can’t explicitly make this case, but he can implicitly make it, and he just did… Read More


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