“Rand Paul: Just Another Politician,” A Play In Infinite Acts

(Read the full article here: “Rand Paul: Just Another Politician,” A Play In Infinite Acts)

We’ve come a long way, everybody!

Just a few months—weeks? days?—ago, Mitt Romney was the evil spendy-bags who stole the election from the People. RON PAUL WAS THE ONLY CANDIDATE WHO COULD BEAT OBAMA, we were informed in comments section after comments sections after comments section. Perhaps Mitt Romney was the nominee of The Vacuum 2012, but Ron Paul was so clearly the only ideologically pure candidate, the only one who wasn’t a puppet of Washington, the only one who saw how the media and the gummiment had been bought out before our very eyes, that Paul supporters simply had no choice but to storm state caucuses and stack the delegations to the convention, where they would wait for the activation signal from the man himself to overthrow the compromised results of the primary and deliver the nomination unto Paul, who would at last ascend on behalf of the People (whom he would simultaneously be disenfranching, but whatevs, it’s not my fantasy)…. Read More.


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