10 Amazing Things You Buy With Your Karl Marx Mastercard

(Read the full article here: 10 Amazing Things You Buy With Your Karl Marx Mastercard)

Finally! Given capitalism’s insuperable ability to absorb everything, including culturalparaphrenalia created specifically to undermine it, it was only a matter of time before we got us a Karl Marx credit card. I know what you’re thinking, “irony WAAAH,” but you already have an MC in your wallet with the logo of Brown University or Reed College, or—god help you—Swarthmore emblazoned on it, so why not just skip the middle man and slap K-Marx’s big ole mug right on your skinny plastic? After all, “If only Karl had made capitalinstead of writing about it,” right? Meanwhile my band, Karl Marx Fucked The Maid, remains grossly unappreciated… Read More.


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