Barack Obama’s Education Plan: Overview and Analysis

(Read the full article here: Barack Obama’s Education Plan: Overview and Analysis)

Since taking office in 2008, Obama has been trying to distance himself from the failing and unpopular Bush-era policies like No Child Left Behind. Unfortunately, his efforts to reform the American education system have been a far cry from effective. His K-12 reform policies can be broken into the following five general policies….

Obama would like for his plan for education reform to be markedly different from Romney’s and the Bush-era’s No Child Left Behind. But by focusing on standards, accountability and transparency, he has opted to maintain the status quo, even though the status quo has been proven ineffective. Some have argued that Obama and Arne Duncan, the education Secretary have chosen this line for its political viability. I have argued before for a more holistic approach to education reform. But policy makers won’t be likely to adopt the Broader, Bolder Approach to Education any time soon…. Read More


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