Bill Keller Would Like To See Your Papers, Please

(Read the full article here: Bill Keller Would Like To See Your Papers, Please)

Bill Keller, a rich, white, successful man who has probably never had his citizenship questioned and would doubtlessly be appalled if he did, thinks “Americans should master their anxieties” about national identification cards. Not him, mind you, but the rest of us. 

Bill Keller is the former executive editor of the New York Times, which, if the Page Onedocumentary is to be believed, mostly involves staring ponderously out of limo windows whilst expounding upon journalism’s imminent precipice; your call as to whether his scotch-face is better than Alec Baldwin’s parody of it. Since jumping the NYT ship, he’s had an occasional opinion column in which he either says “Twitter WAAH” or “Hillary for VP WAAH” over and over again.…Read More


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