David Brooks Ruins Henry IV To Make Stupid Point About The Education System

(Read the full article here: David Brooks Ruins Henry IV To Make Stupid Point About The Education System)

Good Friday afternoon to you, plebes, and I hope you’re all set for your well-earned weekend. First, though, we must trot over to the New York Times, where it’s always Paywall Day, and have a look-see at what David Brooks has done to one of your PoliticOlogist’s top three Shakespeare plays.

Brooks, last seen chiding us all for not being Good Followers as our Leaders led us off a moral and financial cliff, and then penning a few hundred inscrutable words aboutsomething named Bruce Springsteen (or, as Brooks prefers him, The Boss) has scribed another one of his inspired columns—you know the type, the type comprised entirely of invalid generalities and illegitimate assumptions and blissfully free of the kind of evidence that would confirm that even an iota of what he’s talking about occurs outside of his own noggin….Read More

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