Did Obama Just End Welfare Reform?

(Read the full article here: Did Obama Just End Welfare Reform?)

The right wing blogotwittersphere is agog at a Health and Human Services directivereleased late Thursday that grants states greater leeway in apportioning welfare with regard to an individual’s ability to work. Specifically, they’re up in arms over the directive’s elimination of the reporting requirements for welfare’s work requirement—the part of the 1996 welfare reform package mandating welfare recipients engage in the labor force as a condition of aid. (It also allows states to grant assistance in exchange for education and training and the rest, but conservatives thinks those are all code words for “watch daytime tv.”)

What’s the big deal about a reporting requirement? Conservatives see it as an end route to eliminating the work requirement itself (if you don’t have to report it, you don’t have to do it), allowing bums to use the lie around on the government’s dime without so much as glancing at the want ads. Via Mickey Kaus, from the Daily Caller‘s Day Center For Cranky Bloggers:…Read More.


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