How Iran Is Ducking Sanctions To Become A Nuclear Player

(Read the full article here: How Iran Is Ducking Sanctions To Become A Nuclear Player)

Even with the US and Israel leading coordinated cyberattacks and targeted killings, Iran is on its way to bypass international sanctions, resume its exports of crude oil andcontinueresearch and development of nuclear technology. In fact, according to M16 chief Sir John Sawers, Iranians are about two years away from their goal of having nuclear weapons, and Sawers is waring that Israel and the US may have to consider launching a military attack. 

Iran has been preparing for that eventuality, stepping up its missile program and showcasing its new military tech at its most recent war games. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard led the games in the country’s central desert, launching a number of new and effective missiles. Showcased at the games were ground-to-ground missiles, ballistic missiles and a new launching system capable of firing multiple missiles within seconds. Iranian media sources reported that these new and improved technologies would make it difficult for the US and Israel to shoot down incoming missiles in the event of a war…Read More


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