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Evangelicals Support Romney, But Will They Actually Vote For Him? (VIDEO)

In the effort to board fringe Republican groups onto the Romney 2012 yacht, no group represented a bigger challenge than evangelicals. But both polls and endorsements show that Christian voters have no problem choosing Romney over admitted Muslim Barack Obama…READ MORE

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Senate Rejects Blunt Amendment, Preserves Contraception Coverage

















The debate over employer-covered contraception entered its futile symbolic stage today, as the Senate rejected, 51-48, Roy Blunt’s amendment to allow any employer to opt out of any portion of medical coverage to which they have religious objections…Read More

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Is Obama Compromising on Birth Control Coverage?








For a moment there, the Obama administration must have felt as if it had dodged a bullet. Two weeks ago, Kathleen Sebelius announced a narrow religious exemption for contraception coverage, meaning that almost all religious organizations that provide health care for their employees will have to cover birth control, even if it conflicts with their religious beliefs. A few predictable objections arose from the more vocal Catholic groups and conservative publications, but even these lamented the finality of the decision rather than called for action against it…Read More

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Oklahoma’s Ban On Sharia Law In Courts Ruled Unconstitutional








A proposed amendment to the Oklahoma state constitution which made it illegal for judges to consider the tenants of Sharia Law when making decision from the bench has been ruled unconstitutional by a federal appeals court. Read more.

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