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Was Rick Perry on Painkillers During GOP Debates?


A new e-book from Politico reporters Mike Allen and Evan Thomas levels the charge that Rick Perry used painkillers to make it through the GOP debates, a possible explanation for his disastrous performances that include the now-famous “oops” moment. Perry had back surgery last summer, and his recuperation likely coincided with his campaign…Read More

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Texas Women Plague Rick Perry’s Facebook Wall With Menstruation Questions



















Six months ago, Rick Perry was inspiring excitement across demoralized Republican base.

Now he’s dealing with a different kind of passion. In protest of Perry’s defunding of low-incoming women’s health programs, women have been posting their menstruation questions on Rick Perry’s Facebook wall. After all, if he won’t fund women’s health services, perhaps he’d like to help them out himself?…Read More

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Republican Debate Scorecard: Fox News Debate In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina









The Republican presidential candidates gathered in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina last night ahead of the third and arguably the most important presidential primary next Saturday. The candidates, now short one Jon Huntsman, did their best to stay on top of frontrunner Mitt Romney, but failed as the allure of being the last, anointed anti-Romney proved too great to ignore…Read More

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Mitt Romney​ Winning The Fundraising Primary Over His Republican Rivals










Mitt Romney followed up Tuesday’s commanding New Hampshire win with even more good news: a commanding lead in fundraising…Read More

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Live Results From The New Hampshire Republican Primary








Finally, the first polls are open and the electorate is casting their first votes in the Republican presidential primary in New Hampshire. The (most) polls close at 7 p.m. EST and results should begin to come in when the last polls close at 8 p.m. EST. Tuned in to Ology Politics, where results will be updated live, and follow @Noah_C_Rothman on Twitter for live updates.

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Election Day Primer: Counties And Candidates To Watch Tonight

















Ready to watch the returns come in tonight in New Hampshire? Well, here are some tips to help navigate those returns as they come in.

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Rick Perry Says Ron Paul Would Be “Ideal” Federal Reserve Chairman









Texas Gov. Rick Perry has a famously contentious relationship with the libertarian congressman representing Galveston, Rep. Ron Paul. They clashed rhetorically at debates in September and October of last year, when Perry was still riding a wave of approval that followed his entrance into the GOP primary race. However, Perry appears to be seeking a rapprochement when on Tuesday he suggested that Paul would make a great chairman for that institution that he has been so publicly suspicious of, the Federal Reserve. Read more.

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