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Who Will Win North Carolina

Who Will Win North Carolina

Yesterday, The Fix moved North Carolina from toss-up to lean Romney, echoing aprediction PoliticOlogy made about two months ago: that the Tarheel State would make its 2008 Democratic shift a one-time swing, and revert back to its Republican ways.

Obama was the first Democrat to win North Carolina since History’s Greatest Monster. But despite a thirteen-point swing to the Democrats in 2008, North Carolina barely awarded Obama its 15 electoral votes: he grabbed just 14,000 more votes than John McCain. Still, the state had moved enough to the left to get the DNC’s attention. The Democratic Convention will be held in Charlotte this year, and the DNC is spending big on ads, possibly enticed by the state’s 111% growth in Hispanic population in the past decade.…Read More


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5 Things You Need To Know About Obamacare’s Political Fate

(Read the full article here: 5 Things You Need To Know About Obamacare’s Political Fate)

Now that SCOTUS is done with it, Obama’s health care reform package goes into the political realm of public polling and district politics. Obamacare has never been popular with the public, and was used in 2010 to defenstrate Democratic candidates. Did two years, and the high court’s seal of approval, change anything?

Here are five things you need to know about Obamacare’s political fate:


1. The bill is already getting more popular

Not suprisingly, support for the Affordable Care Act went up following the Supreme Court’s ratification of it (or its constitutionality, anyway). After the decision, everyone expected a bounce, and five points is about right. A new Reuters/Ipsos poll taken this weekend found support for the Affordable Care Act rose from 43% to 48%, with disapproval dipping from 57% to 52%. Still not above water, but a marked change from where the public was just a few weeks ago….Read More


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Romney’s Bold, Unprecedented Plan To Do Nothing About Education



While they were hailed as bold and unprecedented, Romney’s plans are actually vague rehashings of a voucher system that has proven to be ineffective.

Using the typical rhetoric of failure and choice, Romney’s education reforms mirror the conservatives’ nationwide efforts to dismantle and privatize public education institutions. Evidence: Scott Walker’s “reforms.” After attacking the unions’ collective bargaining rights, Walker made “unprecedented” cuts to education—about $900 million—and constructed a byzantine state-run system of charter schools…. Read more

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Bill Clinton Undermines Obama On Bush Tax Cuts


Bill Clinton is on a roll.

First he criticizes Barack Obama for attacking Mitt Romney’s “sterling” record at Bain Capital. Now he suggests that Congress needs to extend the Bush-era tax cuts, “to avoid doing anything that would contract the economy now.” While Clinton might be offering sound, practical advice for Congress and the President, he is doing little to help Obama’s reelection chances… Read More.

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One-man Super PAC Takes on Obama

Can one person determine the outcome of an election? Real Leader PAC, an investment firm out of Florida, is trying to do just that.

Supposedly underwritten by a $250,000 donation from William Lee Hanley, Jr., the chairman of Lexington Management Group Inc., Real Leader PAC has spent an estimated $65,810 airing three ads nearly 200 times in Youngstown, OH, and Johnstown, PA, two towns essential for Obama’s reelection bid.

The ads have concise messages bent on driving down Obama’s turnout in the two regions, both of which Obama lost to Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primaries. In one ad, an anonymous person praises former president Bill Clinton, saying, “I think Bill Clinton could teach Mr. Obama a lot about leadership.” (Consider, just for one second, Clinton leading Obama through a Powerpoint presentation on leadership.)

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Spoiler Alert: Green Party Is Back To Ruin Everything


David Nir at DailyKos notes that the Green Party is running a candidate in NY24, potentially playing spoiler for one of the best shots at a Democratic pickup in the state…Read More

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Sarah Palin’s Super PAC Raises $1 Million


But Palin, perhaps because of her stewardship of a state so isolated from the rest of the nation, understands that a significant portion of policy battles are won or lost at congressional levels, not in the White House. Her money will likely be directed toward specially picked House and Senate races in 2012, where it could have an outsized influence….Read More

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