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Roots of prejudice, Part 3: The evolution from intolerance

(Read the full article here: Roots of prejudice, Part 3: The evolution from intolerance)

In Part 1 of this series, I postulated that anti-homosexual prejudice survives within pockets of like-minded citizens who take comfort in an illusory moral consensus within their communities. In Part 2, I explained why Biblical scripture is the major justification of anti-gay sentiment around the world, and that this problem has been largely swept under the philosophical rug by gay-tolerant Christians.  In the final part of this series, I conclude that to convince others to evolve past such hateful teachings, religious moderates must emerge from an ignorance of their own holy book to either dispel or defend the Bible’s position on gay rights, rather than pretend that scripture is inconsequential in this persecution….Read more.

Brian T. Murphy is an Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Follow him on Twitter @WritesOfMurph

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