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Are The Democrats Folding On The Bush Tax Cuts?



Earlier this week, Bill Clinton suggested that the Bush-era tax should be extended in order to avoid the fiscal cliff. He warned that we should try “to avoid doing anything that would contract the economy now.”

But, that’s not what he meant to say. He meant to say, “I support [Obama’s] position, and I think on the merits, upper-income people will have to contribute to long-term debt reduction.” Clinton needed to recant/clarify his statements in order to confirm his support of Obama’s reelection. But his misstep illuminates the growing indecision among Senate Democratic leaders who can’t come to a consensus about the threshold for extending theBush tax cuts… Read More


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Bill Clinton Undermines Obama On Bush Tax Cuts


Bill Clinton is on a roll.

First he criticizes Barack Obama for attacking Mitt Romney’s “sterling” record at Bain Capital. Now he suggests that Congress needs to extend the Bush-era tax cuts, “to avoid doing anything that would contract the economy now.” While Clinton might be offering sound, practical advice for Congress and the President, he is doing little to help Obama’s reelection chances… Read More.

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Bill Clinton Stumps for Barrett In WI, But Backhands Obama Over Bain Attacks

Former President Bill Clinton just did Wisconsin Democrats a solid while simultaneously backhanding Obama and his team. Friday, Clinton voiced his support for Tom Barrett, the Democratic candidate running against Scott Walker in the upcoming Wisconsin recall election, and in almost the same moment pulled a Corey Booker, condemning about Obama’s Bain-bashing campaign.

Clinton’s decision to campaign against Walker in Wisconsin is expected to boost support for Barrett, who needs a heavy turnout to win on Tuesday. Although recent polls show Walker to be ahead of Barrett by seven percentage points, internal polls in the party suggest that the race is much closer. No one knows if the polls will actually perform well in predicting the outcome in Tuesday’s recall, as gubernatorial elections traditionally have not produced wonderful voter turnout. But everyone involved in this election—Republicans, tea partiers, Democrats, and Labor—have built significant ground support that is generating momentum and numbers…. Read More

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