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10 Other Completely Obvious Stories Anderson Cooper Can Break For Us

(Read the full story here:10 Other Completely Obvious Stories Anderson Cooper Can Break For Us)


Now that we have Anderson Cooper’s email containing the least-shocking revelation of all time, perhaps the gleamy-eyed anchor can break a few more stories. Brace yourselves:




10. Vaccinations do not cause autism. 




9. In ten two years, no one will remember or care about Justin Bierger (Beiber?).




8. The following people and products did not deserve the awards given to them: Crash, Sandra Bullock, Diablo Cody, Junot Diaz, Foo Fighters, Slumdog Millionaire, Philip Roth,American Beauty.

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Romney: We Must Move Beyond Fox News’ True Believers


At a closed door Florida fundraiser on Sunday night, Mitt Romney was asked about his general election media strategy, and was overheard to say he needed to move beyond Fox News’ audience of true believers…Read More

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Ann Romney Counters Charge That She’s “Never Worked A Day In Her Life” (VIDEO)

Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen stepped in it Wednesday night, when she told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that Ann Romney “has never worked a day in her life…Read More

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CNN Suspends Roland Martin For Homophobic Tweet













Roland Martin, probably best known to readers as that guy on CNN who wears an ascot, was suspended indefinitely by the network today for a tweet that many are (accurately) calling homophobic…Read More

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