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5 Things You Need To Know About Obamacare’s Political Fate

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Now that SCOTUS is done with it, Obama’s health care reform package goes into the political realm of public polling and district politics. Obamacare has never been popular with the public, and was used in 2010 to defenstrate Democratic candidates. Did two years, and the high court’s seal of approval, change anything?

Here are five things you need to know about Obamacare’s political fate:


1. The bill is already getting more popular

Not suprisingly, support for the Affordable Care Act went up following the Supreme Court’s ratification of it (or its constitutionality, anyway). After the decision, everyone expected a bounce, and five points is about right. A new Reuters/Ipsos poll taken this weekend found support for the Affordable Care Act rose from 43% to 48%, with disapproval dipping from 57% to 52%. Still not above water, but a marked change from where the public was just a few weeks ago….Read More


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Cantor’s “Young Guns” Rewards Obedient Congressmen With Political Ads

The outside Republican group “Young Guns” has launched a new campaign to reward political allies who vote for leadership priorities. But don’t worry it’s not bribery—just a ripe combination of politicking and legislating.

Founded in 2007 by three House Republicans — Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) — the YG Network first gained media notoriety earlier this year after campaigning for the 36-year Indiana incumbent, Dick Lugar, in the Indiana primary. If you didn’t catch that he had been a member of congress for 36 years, then let me reiterate that Dick Lugar was anything but a “young gun.” (No matter, Dick Lugar lost that race.)… Read More

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Is A Romney Presidency The Best Solvent For legislative Gridlock?


This is the most important poll you’ll read about American politics this year: according to the annual Pew Research Poll on voter attitudes, released today, Republicans and Democrats are further apart than they’ve ever been. The partisan divide has risen starkly under Bush and Obama, even as the traditional culprits like race and religion have held steady:

It’s the Republican party that’s moved, not the Democrats. And that’s not just my opinion… Read More.



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Democratic Candidates Distance Themselves From Obama

In the past two days, two Democratic candidates have distanced themselves from Obama. In a debate on Wednesday, Ron Barber, the candidate hoping to take Gabrielle Giffords’s vacated seat, skirted a question about supporting President Obama. And Heidi Keitkamp, a North Dakota Senate candidate, recently said that Obama had failed to “unite the country.”

Both Barber and Keitkamp are running in conservative districts, and are engaging in a strategy of political distancing. It might prove successful for their own election chances, but it certainly will not help Barack Obama, whose lead in the polls is narrowing, and fast… Read More.

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BREAKING: Senate Republicans Block Student Loan Bill


Senate Republicans voted on Tuesday afternoon to block passage of a bill to extend lowered interest rates for Stafford Loans.

The $6 billion bill paid for the continued rates by closing a corporate tax loophole, in effect raising social security and Medicare texas on wealthy corporate shareholders. Republicans weren’t having any of that, and the bill failed, 52-45…Read More

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Spoiler Alert: Green Party Is Back To Ruin Everything


David Nir at DailyKos notes that the Green Party is running a candidate in NY24, potentially playing spoiler for one of the best shots at a Democratic pickup in the state…Read More

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Senate Skies Brighten For Democrats

The thirty-three races for the U.S. Senate have seen some surprising movement recently, and like everything happening nowadays, that movement is away from Republicans…Read More

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Gabrielle Giffords’ Retirement Sets Up Special Congressional Election In Arizona











On Sunday, Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords announced she was stepping down from her seat to recover from the near-fatal wounds she suffered one year ago during a shooting at a congressional event in Tucson. Giffords’ open seat will be hotly contested, in a state that has produced some of the severest political rhetoric of the past few years…Read More

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Previewing Obama’s State Of The Union Address: Congress In The Crosshairs









On Tuesday night, President Barack Obama will deliver his third State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress. Many of the Members in attendance may be squirming in their seats after it is all over, however, as reports are emerging that the president will put Congress on the spot for obstructionism…Read More

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