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The 10 Grossest Things About The “20 Hottest Conservative Women Bloggers” List

(Read the full article here: The 10 Grossest Things About The “20 Hottest Conservative Women Bloggers” List)

Right Wing News, which should really hire someone to do their site design, fully lived up to the final word of its name on Thursday with 2012’s installment of the 20 Hottest Conservative Women in New MediaEight conservative male bloggers contributed to the judging, of whom only one, Ali Akbar, rings a bell to PoliticOlogy, and only because he’s destroying my Twitter feed by going for the Guinness World of Records award for longest sustained internet temper tantrum about #BrettKimberlin, whoever he is.

Anyway, a few things about this, coming from your PoliticOlogist who will admit in the interest of disclosure that on Ology Media’s wall hangs a “Girls Of The 7 Line” calendar, which a couple of Ologists may or may not have found on the ground at Citi Field…Read More


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