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Hey, We’re Not Actually Going To Cut Defense Spending


Great news, everybody! We won’t be cutting defense spending after all.

As part of the cringe-worthy debt ceiling deal reached last summer, if the Supercommittee charged with locating cuts was unable to fulfill its duty, the defense budget would be hit with a humungous share of the spending reductions. The idea was that cutting defense spending, ordinarily a non-starter in Washington, would be enough of a threat to force bipartisan compromise. 

Did it work? You’re so stupid! No, it didn’t work. The Supercommittee done failed. So, here come the defense cuts, right? Right?… Read More

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Holy Crap, We Might Actually Cut Defense Spending

Remember those old bumper stickers about how it would be a great day when the Pentagon had to hold a bake sale to pay for a fighter jet

Well, get ready to eat some Department of Defense muffins.

The Pentagon is getting jittery over the perfect storm of tax hikes and spending cuts set to collide during the lame duck session of Congress at the end of 2012. The DoD fears that Congress will look for spending cuts rather than suffer political fallout from the billions in tax hikes if the Bush tax cuts expire, and the defense budget would be a prime place to start.. Read More

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GOP Tries To Fill Pentagon Cuts With Government Retirement Funds

In the Republicans’ continuing effort to raid the pockets of government employees to lower the deficit fund their ideological preferences, Darrell Issa (R-CA) has introduced a plan to increase government workers’ pay-in for retirement benefits by 5%, tantamount to a federal pay cut.

The $82 billion saved will go to prevent Defense Department cuts set to take effect in January. Never mind that the DoD is one of the heaviest funded arms of the government, comprising 20% of the federal budget, and that billions of dollars in savings have already been identified in wasteful defense spending. We will instead fund the department by taking money from middle class workers…Read More

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