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Government Drops Charges Against John Edwards

(Read the full article here: Government Drops Charges Against John Edwards)

The Department of Justice has dropped all charges against John Edwards, please all gods Allah through Zeus putting an end to this farce once and for all.

Anyhoo, it sounds like Edwards was a scumbag but not a criminal, and it sounds like even the DoJ is done with this mess. Edwards was found not guilty on one count, a mistrial… Read More

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John Edwards Flirting With One of His Jurors, Cuz Why Not?

From the This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, Good Hair Edition: J-Ed has been openly flirting with an alternate juror in the criminal case of his misappropriating campaign donations.

The alternate jurors have been required to show up for the past four days while the real jury deliberates, and have nothing to do but sit around and not talk about the case. They’re taken to wearing matching outfits, cuz apparently they’re a fun bunch. And you know how J-Ed feels about fun. (HE’S FOR IT)… Read More

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John Edwards Stands Trial To Remind Everybody That He’s A Philandering Twerp


John Edwards, who is already a political, personal, familial and moral disappointment, seeks to complete the pentafecta and become a legal disappointment, too….Read More

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