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Karl Rove’s Super PACs Plan $70 Billion Ad Blitz To Retake Senate

(Read the full article here: Karl Rove’s Super PACs Plan $70 Billion Ad Blitz To Retake Senate)

Karl Rove’s twin Super PACs Crossroads GPS and American Crossroads have announced a$70 million advertising blitz that’s expected to begin next week.

A significant portion of the mula is expected to go toward Republican Senate campaigns. Mitch McConnell recently said that the Senate chamber could go either way; there’s about a 50-50 chance that Republicans will gain control. Steven Law, the President and CEO of American Crossroads, said his organization was trying its best to “tip the scale for the GOP.”…Read More


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Mitt Romney Tries To Order A Sandwich At A Wawa, Fails (VIDEO)

(Read the full article here: Mitt Romney Tries To Order A Sandwich At A Wawa, Fails (VIDEO))

Mitt Romney has clearly never been to a Wawa:

Neither had I until a road trip six months ago, but I’m not trying to sell an entire electorate on a false representation of myself as a plebe…. Read more

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Democratic Candidates Distance Themselves From Obama

In the past two days, two Democratic candidates have distanced themselves from Obama. In a debate on Wednesday, Ron Barber, the candidate hoping to take Gabrielle Giffords’s vacated seat, skirted a question about supporting President Obama. And Heidi Keitkamp, a North Dakota Senate candidate, recently said that Obama had failed to “unite the country.”

Both Barber and Keitkamp are running in conservative districts, and are engaging in a strategy of political distancing. It might prove successful for their own election chances, but it certainly will not help Barack Obama, whose lead in the polls is narrowing, and fast… Read More.

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Mourdock and Donnelly Still Tied for Lugar’s Old Senate Seat

Richard Mourdock and Joe Donnelly are tied at 42% in Friday’s Rasmussen poll, a sign that Republicans have their work cut out for them to maintain Dick Lugar’s Indiana Senate seat.

Mourdock, a rabid right winger who likes to sue the federal government for sport, defeated longtime Senate sorta-moderate Dick Lugar in an historic upset two weeks ago. The victory marked a bit of a return for the tea party strategy of “primarying” an establishment Republican candidate and replacing them with a more hardline conservative. The strategy was thought to have been put to rest in 2010, when political novices like Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell and Joe Miller proved embarrassments in the general election and potentially cost the GOP the Senate… Read More


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Who Wants To Fight Over Bush Tax Cuts

While Congress ordinarily boots every piece of difficult legislation to the last possible moment, the November election is speeding up one extremely issue: the expiration of the Bush tax cuts.

The New York Times reports that both sides are eager, even “giddy,” to have this debate before the election, as both see it playing well for their side: Republicans crave a debate about what they call the “biggest tax increase in history” in the midst of a sluggish economy, while Democrats would love to make every GOP legislator defend massive tax breaks for the wealthy at the cost of the lower and middle classes… Read More.

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Why Mitt Is Going to Lose Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is getting further and further out of reach for Mitt Romney, putting additional pressure on him to win one of the eight so-called super swing states in November,

Public Policy Polling has Obama up a solid 50-42, though before Obama’s campaign breaks out the Andre they should note that the president’s disapproval rating is actually one point underwater (though margin of error, etc.). How do voters elect a candidate they don’t particularly like? By hating his opponent: Keystoners have a real problem with Mitt Romney, whose approval rating is underwater by 14 points, 37-51. Voters may not be thrilled with Obama, but they’re more than happy to vote for him over Romney… Read more.


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For those of you scoring at home or alone, Barack Obama’s gonna lose the state of Florida. A Qunnipiac poll has Obama down by six points to Mitt Romney, 47-41, the most definitive lead Romney has over Obama in a swing state. 

Six points is not an insurmountable lead, but everything about the state works against Obama. America’s wang swung for Obama only by 51% in 2008, after two elections of going red (one of which you may remember). The state’s older, white demographics went against Obama even during the 2008 surge, and Obama can’t count on any offsetting enthusiasm this time around… Read More.

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For those of yo…

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New Crossroad Ad Strikes a C-minor Chord: Total Bummer


Critics of the new attack ad from Larry McCarthy’s Crossroads GPS are focused on the ad’s poor relationship between facts and politics. But the ad’s message is not factual one, but a distinctly emotional one, aimed to resonate with groups of disillusioned voters disappointed that the POTUS has failed to deliver on his message of hope and change.

Without volume, the ad begins just like any old Sunny D commercial. A mother watches her kids play basketball in the front year. Tired, they run into the kitchen for drinks. The mother seems tired and sad. In a quick time lapse sequence, she ages twenty some-odd-years—her hair shortens into a bob and her skin wrinkles. Maybe more important, she stops talking about her kids playing basketball, instead referring to info-graphics about Obama’s big promises and even bigger failure-to-deliver… Read more.

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Romney’s First Ad of the General Election, Heavy on Sunshine, Light on Specifics


Mitt Romney has released the first ad of his general election campaign. It’s a quick, sunny spot that stays “positive,” at least according to the low standards of political advertising, but does little to define him as a potential president:

For those who read this blog regularly and are thinking, “But PoliticOlogy, you hate Mitt Romney and will never like one of his ads”—not true! I’m more than willing to let Romney make a case for his presidency. If he’s got ideas on how to improve the economy, I welcome his arguments in favor of them…. Read More.

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PoliticOlogy’s Guide to the Ron Paul Comments Page


Finally! I’ve longed for someone to actually roll up their cuffs to wade into the comments section of the average Ron Paul article and synthesize the nuttery into one accessible post. Adam Sorenson at Time has done just that, creating a Greatest Hits of the comments section that tracks Paul fans’ increasing cognitive dissonance throughout the GOP primary, entirely in user comments. 

Paul fans, because the MEDIA IS DEAD AND/OR BOUGHT BY THE FED, RON PAUL 2012!!! have haunted the comments section of every Paul-related article for the past twelve months, rarely engaging with any information in the article but instead a) attacking the writer of the piece as a shill, b) nabbing any typo or misplaced punctuation mark and somehow using it as evidence that Paul will be elected president, and, most often, c) simply stating their alternate reality in declarative sentences: “Ron Paul has already won,” “Ron Paul is the only candidate to beat Barack Obama,” and so on. 

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