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Karl Rove’s Super PACs Plan $70 Billion Ad Blitz To Retake Senate

(Read the full article here: Karl Rove’s Super PACs Plan $70 Billion Ad Blitz To Retake Senate)

Karl Rove’s twin Super PACs Crossroads GPS and American Crossroads have announced a$70 million advertising blitz that’s expected to begin next week.

A significant portion of the mula is expected to go toward Republican Senate campaigns. Mitch McConnell recently said that the Senate chamber could go either way; there’s about a 50-50 chance that Republicans will gain control. Steven Law, the President and CEO of American Crossroads, said his organization was trying its best to “tip the scale for the GOP.”…Read More


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Putin Wins Third Presidential Term; One More and It’s Free!










Meanwhile in Russia, Vladimir Putin is president again, or still, depending on how you want to look at it. Putin, who enjoyed the electoral inevitability Mitt Romney thought money could buy, won 63% of the vote on Sunday, in an election that many are condemning as fraudulent; his closest opponent received only 17%…Read More

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Independents And Moderates Will Chose Which Republicans Emerge From New Hampshire








The voting has already begun in New Hampshire, the nation’s first primary election, and history has shown that the Republicans who emerge from this primary usually go on to do well in the following equally critical primary states. But it is not conservatives who select the Republican Party’s nominee, but rather the state’s sizable population of moderate Republicans and independent voters that selects the winners of the Granite State primary. Read more.

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Obama Ties Mitt Romney And Ron Paul In CBS Poll







In a shocking new CBS/National Journal poll of general election voters, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Texas Rep. Ron Paul perform the strongest against President Barack Obama. Read more

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