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Global Warming Roundup: Protesting Scientists, the Air-Conditioning Lobby, And More

(Read the full article here: Global Warming Roundup: Protesting Scientists, the Air-Conditioning Lobby, And More)

As we’ve seen from polling, the more extreme the temperatures, the more credulous people are of global warming. So the upside of all this heat is we might finally get more meaningful legislation to regulate environmental impact.

Protesting Scientists: Or not! Scientiests in Canada are donning lab coats and marching in the streets against the Canadian government’s enervating of environmental laws. Canada’s conservative prime minister Stephen Harper, who looks like a guy buying a TV at Best Buy, doesn’t understand all the fuss about this so-called environment…Read More

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EPA Sets First Fracking Regulations


The EPA has announced its first ever fracking regulations, a cautious set of requirements that attempt to oversee the environmental effects of the new and profitable gas-extraction technique while appeasing industry interests…Read More 

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BREAKING: Immigrants Cause The Global Warming That Totally Doesn’t Exist


If you’re bored of all your old reasons for hating immigrants, like they steal all our jobs but never work and press one for English press two to be deported, guess what: you can now hate immigrants for ruining the environment…Read More Here.

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