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Economy added 80,000 jobs in June, well below expectations

(Read the full article here: Economy added 80,000 jobs in June, well below expectations)


The Bureau of Labor Statistics released June’s jobs report Friday morning, and the numbers were not encouraging: the U.S. economy added only 80,000 jobs last month, below what analysts had projected, and not enough to keep pace with population growth. June is now the third straight month of anemic job growth, following a winter that saw inflated hiring.


The unemployment rate remained at 8.2%, the same as May and up one notch from April’s 8.1%. The labor force participation rate stayed the same, after some mildly encouraging numbers last month that suggested more people were joining the labor force (which probably what kicked the rate up to 8.2%). The U6 rate, the real-world measure of unemployment, rose one-tenth of a percentile, to 14.9%.…Read more

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Operation Twist: Is The Fed Too Afraid Of Seeming Partisan To Help The Economy?

(Read the full article here: Operation Twist: Is The Fed Too Afraid Of Seeming Partisan To Help The Economy?)

In terms of influence over the next President, the Supreme Court pales in comparison to Ben Bernanke. Only Europe will have more influence than the bald, mild-mannered, and lightly-bearded Chairman of the Federal Reserve. With Congress dithering away their time lobbying softball questions at Jamie Dimon, the Fed is the only institution acting to save the recovery. Should Europe collapse, Bernanke stands alone between us and the abyss, and analyzing Bernanke’s every move has become a fevered science on Wall Street.


But weeks of speculation capped off Thursday in a disappointing decision that evoked neither excitement nor terror in the markets. Unable to commit, or ensure the success, of more aggressive action, Bernanke offered only a modest stimulus package to jolt demand…. Read More.


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Rick Perry Says Ron Paul Would Be “Ideal” Federal Reserve Chairman









Texas Gov. Rick Perry has a famously contentious relationship with the libertarian congressman representing Galveston, Rep. Ron Paul. They clashed rhetorically at debates in September and October of last year, when Perry was still riding a wave of approval that followed his entrance into the GOP primary race. However, Perry appears to be seeking a rapprochement when on Tuesday he suggested that Paul would make a great chairman for that institution that he has been so publicly suspicious of, the Federal Reserve. Read more.

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