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Obama Up In Major Swing States

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Romney To Swing State Governors: Shut Up About All The Jobs

(Read the full article here: Romney To Swing State Governors: Shut Up About All The Jobs)

PoliticOlogy has reported before about the problem Mitt Romney is having campaigning against Barack Obama’s terrible economy in swing states where the economy is actually rebounding at above average rates.

Half of Romney’s entire campaign is that Obama has failed to turn the economy around, and his vehicle for delivering that message is ads titled “Despair” and stump speeches long on apocalyptic forebodings, i.e., Obama’s-campaign-slogan-is-‘Forward’-as-in-‘Forward-off-a-cliff’-ha-ha-get-it?… Read More.


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Florida Effs With Elections, Again

Florida’s at it again! No, not face eating, a story of which I will never tire. Rather, Florida is reviving what can now be considered one of its main past times: effing with important elections.

The Department of Justice sent a letter Friday morning to Florida’s Secretary of State, just kinda wonderin’ why FL decided to purge its voter rolls of foreign nationals without DoJ approval—the approval required under Section Five of the Voting Rights Act—and why it decided to so less than three months before a state election, a violation of the National Voter Registration Act… Read more.

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For those of you scoring at home or alone, Barack Obama’s gonna lose the state of Florida. A Qunnipiac poll has Obama down by six points to Mitt Romney, 47-41, the most definitive lead Romney has over Obama in a swing state. 

Six points is not an insurmountable lead, but everything about the state works against Obama. America’s wang swung for Obama only by 51% in 2008, after two elections of going red (one of which you may remember). The state’s older, white demographics went against Obama even during the 2008 surge, and Obama can’t count on any offsetting enthusiasm this time around… Read More.

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For those of yo…

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George Zimmerman To Be Charged


The Washington Post has the scoop that Florida special prosecutor Andrea Corey is set to announce Wednesday afternoon that George Zimmerman will be charged in the shooting of Trayvon MartinRead More

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Florida to Investigate Trayvon Martin Shooting, Probably Should Rethink One or Two of Their Laws














In the about-damn-time file, State Attorney Norm Wolfinger announced on Tuesday that Florida will convene a grand jury to investigate the shooting of Trayvon Martin, just hours after the FBI decided to initiate a federal inquiry into the incident…Read More

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Gingrich To Challenge Florida Primary Delegates










Newt Gingrich is going to challenge the winner-take-all status of Tuesday’s Florida primary results. Under current rules, all Florida’s 50 delegates go to the winner, Mitt Romney; if Gingrich won his challenge, he would pry away 16 delegates from that total…Read More

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Election Day In Florida: A Romney Landslide Or A Gingrich Comeback?









Today is Election Day in Florida, the largest Republican primary by far in this the early stages of the race for the Republican presidential nomination. With Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich all entering the race with a win under their belt (some wins more decisive than others) and with a quieter February on deck, Florida’s primary is certain to have a major impact on the momentum of the primary campaign…Read More

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Pre-Debate Scorecard: NBC / National Journal Republican Debate In Tampa, Florida










NBC and National Journal will host the first Florida Republican debate on Monday at the University of South Florida in Tampa. The debate will air live at 9 p.m. EST on local NBC affiliates across the nation…Read More

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General Election And Senate Polls Show Florida Will Be A Tough State For Democrats











Quinnipiac University is out with a new poll of the state today showing that Sunshine State voters are lukewarm on President Obama and Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson…Read more.

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