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Romney Campaign Outraises Obama By $35 Million

(Read the full article here: Romney Campaign Outraises Obama By $35 Million)

Team Romney outraised Team Obama $106 million to $71 million in June, making for the highest fundraising numbers yet of the 2012 campaign.

Obama’s campaign upped its haul by $11 million from last month, but that’s nothing compared to the 50% jump made by Romney’s campaign, which leapt from $77 million. It’s the second straight month that Romney has outraised Obama, and he has just about closed the gap between the two treasuries (Obama, who didn’t have a contested primary, got a head start on his Republican challenger). 

The numbers reflect the combined totals of the individual campaigns and the party committees. Romney and the RNC also have a joint fundraising committee, Romney Victory, which, yes, sounds like an evil spaceship….Read More


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Mitt Romney Fudges His Fundraising Figures To Suggest He’s Popular With Non-Rich People


Mitt Romney’s campaign boasted at the end of March that 84% of its campaign contributions came from donations of $250 or less, implying that his campaign was beginning to appeal to the coveted non-private-jet-owning demographic.

But as with most statistics, this number hid more than it revealed…Read More


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Mitt Romney To Flatten General Election Under One Billion Dollars


The New York Times reports that the Romney campaign plans to raise a combined $1 billion to defeat Barack Obama in the general election. The plan comprises $800 million from the campaign itself, and another $200 from outside groups and Super PACs.

The real significant figure, though, is the breakdown between large and small donors….Read More

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Ron Paul’s Expensive Failure

Ron Paul still seems in it for the long haul, but more as a barnacle than a serious candidate. After 29 contests, Paul has only 51 delegates, fewer than 1/10 of those held by frontrunner Romney, and not even within striking distance of third-place Newt Gingrich, a zombie of a candidate. Gingrich can at least put a couple of states in his win column: Paul has not finished first in a single primary or caucus…Read More

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Romney, Republican Super PACs Raking It In









Wednesday morning, the presidential candidates released their 2011 fourth quarter fundraising numbers. The records tell the tale of the dominance of the Super PAC, and offer Republicans a bit of hope in the coming spending war with Barack Obama…Read More

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Mitt Romney​ Winning The Fundraising Primary Over His Republican Rivals










Mitt Romney followed up Tuesday’s commanding New Hampshire win with even more good news: a commanding lead in fundraising…Read More

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