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Assange Loses Extradition Case as Anonymous Vows Revenge

In a majority verdict today, the British Supreme court dismissed Julian Assange’s appeal against extradition to Sweden on rape charges, sending Assange’s legal battles into a second round, and potentially provoking a disruptive response from Anonymous that threatens to instigate even more vitriolic debates about internet censorship.

Let’s sum up what has happened so far. Sometime in 2010, Assange, a former computer hacker, waltzed into the media spotlight when his brainchild online organization, Wikileaks, released confidential video footage and U.S. diplomatic cables relating to Iraq and Afghanistan. The information WikiLeaks released marked the largest leak of classified information the U.S. had ever seen, and revealed the identities of a number of sources used by diplomats and intelligence agents, putting the sources’ lives in danger… Read more.

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Obama Threatens To Veto CISPA Over Privacy Concerns


CISPA sets guidelines for tracking and preventing a cyber attack on major corporations and the U.S. government. But its (perhaps intentionally) vague language would allow companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and AT&T almost unrestricted spying and data gathering capabilities on their customers, information which could then be shared with the Department of Homeland Security without any judicial oversight, effectively circumventing all privacy safeguards….Read More

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Facebook Gives POLITICO Access To Your Political Beliefs












On Tuesday, the internet was shocked to learn of an unholy alliance between Facebook and POLITICO. The details of the partnership are vague, but according to POLITICO’s announcement, both firms will endeavor to create a “sentiment analysis” of Facebook users to determine their true political leanings. Users will then be served POLITICO stories that mirror their political values…Read More

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