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Economy added 80,000 jobs in June, well below expectations

(Read the full article here: Economy added 80,000 jobs in June, well below expectations)


The Bureau of Labor Statistics released June’s jobs report Friday morning, and the numbers were not encouraging: the U.S. economy added only 80,000 jobs last month, below what analysts had projected, and not enough to keep pace with population growth. June is now the third straight month of anemic job growth, following a winter that saw inflated hiring.


The unemployment rate remained at 8.2%, the same as May and up one notch from April’s 8.1%. The labor force participation rate stayed the same, after some mildly encouraging numbers last month that suggested more people were joining the labor force (which probably what kicked the rate up to 8.2%). The U6 rate, the real-world measure of unemployment, rose one-tenth of a percentile, to 14.9%.…Read more

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Many Jobs Report Here To Ruin Everything


Put away last night’s bottle Black Label, people, and get out your morning bottle of Wild Turkey American Honey (ew): today’s jobs report was bad.

Jobs rose by only 69,000 in May, the lowest in a year, and well, well below the 150,000 that was expected (and that 150,000 being a lowered expectation from 225,000 average we saw December-February). Worse, this jobs report is so bad it’s even lowered previous jobs reports: April was revised down from 119,000 to 77,000…. Read More

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March Jobs Report Bad News For Economic Recovery


The new jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics has some discouraging news for the economic recovery, which had been picking up steam as of late. The economy added only 120,000 in March, about fifty percent of the previous three-month average of 246,000…Read More

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