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Violence In Syria Escalates, Global And Regional Powers Debate Intervention

















Last week, Russia and China cast their veto in the United Nations Security Council preventing a resolution in that body calling on Syria to end its months-long campaign of violence against civilians as that Middle Eastern nation spirals into civil war. Following that veto, Syrian security forces proceeded to escalate their prosecution of the war that threatens to send the volatile region into further chaos…Read More

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Iranian Nuclear Scientist Killed By Magnetic Bomb







U.S.-Iran relations took a Mission Impossible-style turn today, as two motorcycle-bound assailants killed Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, a key figure in Iran’s nuclear program, by attaching a magnetic bomb to his car. Given that Rick Perry claimed last weekend that Iran can move at “literally the speed of light,” those were some fast motorcycles…Read more.

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Iran Sentences American Citizen To Death, Admits To Enriching Uranium








Amir Hekmati, an Arizona-born man, has been sentenced to death by Iranian authorities for espionage. Read more…

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