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New Hampshire Morning After Round-Up








Does Romney have it in the bag? Continue the conversation on My.Ology

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Live Results From The New Hampshire Republican Primary








Finally, the first polls are open and the electorate is casting their first votes in the Republican presidential primary in New Hampshire. The (most) polls close at 7 p.m. EST and results should begin to come in when the last polls close at 8 p.m. EST. Tuned in to Ology Politics, where results will be updated live, and follow @Noah_C_Rothman on Twitter for live updates.

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Vermin Supreme, New Hampshire Heckler Candidate, Occupies the Primaries









Republican candidates making stump speeches in New Hampshire this week have met with an irritating sound: Vermin Supreme’s voice through a megaphone. Read more.

Is Vermin just another nutjob looking for attention, or is he making a substantive critique of GOP hopefuls? Continue the conversation on My Ology

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Hillary Clinton​’s New Hampshire Victory In 2008 Shows Granite State Moves On A Dime









On the eve of the New Hampshire primary, it is worth recalling why the Granite State is so fickle and has the potential to prolong or halt a presidential primary season. There is no more perfect example of why New Hampshire matters than the 2008 Democratic primary between Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama​ and John Edwards​. There, Clinton overcame a late surge by Obama to win the state and shock the pundits. Read more…

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If Romney Sweeps January, How Long Can The Primary Season Last?










With former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney​ poised to add a second win from New Hampshire on Tuesday, cementing his status as frontrunner, voters in the early primary states are beginning to fall in line behind the GOP frontrunner. Read more…

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Polls All Over The Map As New Hampshire Prepares To Vote On Tuesday


The Republican presidential candidates gear up for the first primary election (as opposed to a caucus) in the nation on Tuesday as New Hampshire’s registered Republicans take to the polls to further winnow the 2012 field. Read more…

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