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Karl Rove’s Super PACs Plan $70 Billion Ad Blitz To Retake Senate

(Read the full article here: Karl Rove’s Super PACs Plan $70 Billion Ad Blitz To Retake Senate)

Karl Rove’s twin Super PACs Crossroads GPS and American Crossroads have announced a$70 million advertising blitz that’s expected to begin next week.

A significant portion of the mula is expected to go toward Republican Senate campaigns. Mitch McConnell recently said that the Senate chamber could go either way; there’s about a 50-50 chance that Republicans will gain control. Steven Law, the President and CEO of American Crossroads, said his organization was trying its best to “tip the scale for the GOP.”…Read More


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New DNC Ad Bashes Romney’s Massachusetts Tenure

Less than 12 hours after Romney clinched the GOP nomination, the DNC is out with “Little to Like,” a cutesy, if effective, ad mocking Mitt Romney on the Facebook page of the world. The ad links his savage success at Bain Capital to his general incompetence as governor of Massachusetts, attempting to corrupt both sides of Romney’s argument that his private secotr success makes him uniquely qualified for public office.

The conceit is clever—a stroll through Mitt Romney’s Facebook page if it were set up not by him but reality. There’s his GOP primary opponents talking about his record as 47th in job creation in MA, and there’s a newscaster talking about his hidden wealth. When we come to a headline about his tax policies, clicking the like button shows “Millionaires like this.” And finally, we get a tour through Romney’s most embarrassing statements—I like to the fire people, corporations are people, and all your favorite hits—as if they were statuses Romney posted drunk outside the bar and now can’t delete… Read more.

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New Crossroad Ad Strikes a C-minor Chord: Total Bummer


Critics of the new attack ad from Larry McCarthy’s Crossroads GPS are focused on the ad’s poor relationship between facts and politics. But the ad’s message is not factual one, but a distinctly emotional one, aimed to resonate with groups of disillusioned voters disappointed that the POTUS has failed to deliver on his message of hope and change.

Without volume, the ad begins just like any old Sunny D commercial. A mother watches her kids play basketball in the front year. Tired, they run into the kitchen for drinks. The mother seems tired and sad. In a quick time lapse sequence, she ages twenty some-odd-years—her hair shortens into a bob and her skin wrinkles. Maybe more important, she stops talking about her kids playing basketball, instead referring to info-graphics about Obama’s big promises and even bigger failure-to-deliver… Read more.

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Romney Good for Jobs? No, not really

The Obama campaign is up with a new ad hitting Romney on his Bain Capital days, in what is likely the first salvo of Obama’s main argument against Romney.

When it comes to Bain Capital—a firm that bought and refurbished struggling businesses, often by laying off workers or occasionally liquidating the company altogether—Romney got off real easy in the GOP primary. The only candidate willing to attack Romney on his role in the firm was Newt Gingrich, who was roundly pilloried for for it by other Republicans. Since when, the criticisms went, was the GOP against making money?

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