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Georgetown Catholics Tell Paul Ryan To Go Fountainhead Himself


Paul Ryan sought to defend his maligned budget Thursday morning, appearing at Georgetown, a Catholic university, to give a speech entitled America’s Enduring Promise.

Ryan’s budget has come under increasing criticism from Catholic leaders, with the fiercest coming in a letter (link is a Google document) from 90 Georgetown faculty members and priests: “In short, your budget appears to reflect the values of your favorite philosopher, Ayn Rand, rather than the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” That’s gotta hurt…Read More

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Obama Threatens To Veto House Spending Cuts, Setting Stage For Another Government Shutdown


President Obama has threatened to veto any appropriations bills that cut spending below the agreed-upon levels of last summer’s debt ceiling debate, readying what could be an end of the year showdown between Democrats and the Republican House, and potential setting the stage for a government shutdown…Read More

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Obama v. Romney: The 2012 General Election Has Begun (VIDEO)


Who’d have thought the most important thing to happen to Mitt Romney yesterday would have nothing to do with the three primaries he won?…Read More

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Obama: GOP Budget is a “Trojan Horse” for Social Darwinism

Still, this is Obama’s most direct and explicit attack on the GOP’s main narrative in a while. Many of Obama’s recent election-minded moves have been cautious manuevers to get ahead of the gas price debate or prime an attack on the Supreme Court in the case of their overruling the Affordable Care Act. Meanwhile, Democrats have been salivating for a chance to go after Romney and the GOP over income inequality and their starve-the-beast austerity policies that vacuum income up to the wealthy. Obama’s speech this afternoon may be the opening salvo of that charge, and it’s entirely possible that we will look back in the fall and see the general election as having begun today…Read More

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Ryan’s Budget Set to Doom Republicans (Again)












Paul Ryan is rolling out his new budget this week, and in most substantive policy terms, it’s a repeat of last year’s version, Path To Prosperity (even the ad campaigns are near-identical).

This is, according to conventional wisdom, terrible for Republicans. Though popular with party purists, Path To Prosperity landed last year with a thud; Democrats, with a little help from everybody’s favorite wacky uncle, were able to use to paint the Republicans as austere bulls in the Medicare china shop, and even picked up a surprise House seat from the fallout.

But did the budget actually hurt Republicans, or is this a case of ye olde echo chamber? In other words, did Chris Matthews and Chris Cizilla repeat the mantra that this budget was political poison so many times that it became accepted as true without actually being true?…Read More

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Who Could Emerge As The GOP Compromise Candidate At The Convention?









Even without a competitive Republican primary, the GOP’s presidential nominee would not have been able to lock down the required 1,144 delegates required to cinch the nomination until May. Given the trajectory of the Republican presidential race, it is more than likely that the nominating contest will go on until the summer and may even stretch all the way to the convention…Read More

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