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Obama Up In Major Swing States

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Why Mitt Is Going to Lose Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is getting further and further out of reach for Mitt Romney, putting additional pressure on him to win one of the eight so-called super swing states in November,

Public Policy Polling has Obama up a solid 50-42, though before Obama’s campaign breaks out the Andre they should note that the president’s disapproval rating is actually one point underwater (though margin of error, etc.). How do voters elect a candidate they don’t particularly like? By hating his opponent: Keystoners have a real problem with Mitt Romney, whose approval rating is underwater by 14 points, 37-51. Voters may not be thrilled with Obama, but they’re more than happy to vote for him over Romney… Read more.


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Romney Sweeps Northeastern Primaries, Critz Pulls Off An Upset, And Gingrich Reconsiders His Adverbs


Mitt Romney swept Tuesday’s primaries, easily winning New York, Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania, and all but certifying his nomination for the Republican Party.

The only state even in contention was Delaware, where Gingrich’s beleaguered campaign was making a last stand. (Seriously? Who draws the line at Delaware?) But Romney trounced the panda poet with more than double the vote…Read More

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5 Things To Watch For In Tonight’s Primaries


Primaries! Stay excited people, there’s still plenty of politics to obsess over, as New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Delaware and Connecticut vote tonight in the GOP presidential primary for a total of 231 delegates. (Don’t knock it; that’s 10% of the total.) Mitt Romney is the presumptive nominee, but he hasn’t won over his party yet, Gingrich still might pull off an upset, Ron Paul is gearing up the protest vote, and a showdown between a Blue Dog and a labor-backed challenger in PA might decide the Democrats’ election year narrative.

Here’s a rundown of what to watch for…Read More

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Will the Pennsylvania Primary Help the GOP in November?

As much as Romney may hate the next three weeks, the ground base he prepares (and that Rick Santorum prepares, as many of Santorum’s voters and volunteers will transfer over to Mitt in the general, no matter how much they don’t want to) will be crucial in the fall. He has every reason now to put time and money into the state. The question is whether three weeks of dogged campaigning will make up for the Obama campaign’s 14-office head start…Read More

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