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Planned Parenthood Needs To Start Buying Sports Franchises


“This doesn’t take a rocket scientist: Planned Parenthood needs to start buying sports franchises. Cities, especially midsize urban areas, are desperate for professional sports franchises, which (supposedly) generate commerce and (supposedly) revitalize downtowns. Planned Parenthood can locate municipalities within states that have defunded the organization (see Texas and Arizona), and dangle an expansion basketball team or the Oakland A’s in exchange for hundreds of millions in stadium funds. Poof: the Carolina Panthers are now the Lubbock Panthers, and there will be a very well-funded women’s health clinic near the bottom of Buddy Holly Stadium, by the Peggy Sue craft beer stand….” Read More

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California Almost Expanded Abortion Access (Don’t Worry, It Chickened Out)


In another dispatch from the “this is why we can’t have nice things” department, a California law that would have expanded—nope, not a typo, didn’t mean to type restricted or eliminatedor made impossible, but straight up expanded—abortion access was stripped of its key provisions, effectively rendering it moot…Read More

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Texas Women Plague Rick Perry’s Facebook Wall With Menstruation Questions



















Six months ago, Rick Perry was inspiring excitement across demoralized Republican base.

Now he’s dealing with a different kind of passion. In protest of Perry’s defunding of low-incoming women’s health programs, women have been posting their menstruation questions on Rick Perry’s Facebook wall. After all, if he won’t fund women’s health services, perhaps he’d like to help them out himself?…Read More

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Following Komen Controversy, NYC Mayor Bloomberg To Donate $250,000 To Planned Parenthood












New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg announced today, in response to the Susan G. Komen foundation’s “Komen for the Cure’s” decision to cut its ties with Planned Parenthood, that he intends to donate one quarter of a million dollars to Planned Parenthood…Read More

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