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New Karl Rove Crossroads Ad Mocks Celebrity Obama (VIDEO)


I gotta hand it to Karl Rove’s American Crossroads Super PAC: they make some quality political attack ads.

The new spot takes on Obama’s celebrity status, showing a greatest hits of Obama’s cultural moments: singing Al Green, killing a fly on television, calling Kanye a jackass, drinking a Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day and appearing on Jimmy Fallon, the latter showing just how quick Crossroads works (Obama appeared on the show on Tuesday)…Read More

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BREAKING: Immigrants Cause The Global Warming That Totally Doesn’t Exist


If you’re bored of all your old reasons for hating immigrants, like they steal all our jobs but never work and press one for English press two to be deported, guess what: you can now hate immigrants for ruining the environment…Read More Here.

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