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Being In The Top 10% Really Is A Magic Salve Against The Recession

(Read the Full Article: Being In The Top 10% Really Is A Magic Salve Against The Recession)


Ordinarily I find breaking income inequality down into the top 1%, or the top 10%, or whatnot, a little frivolous—using dramatic or round numbers always makes a policy argument sound sloppy or arbitrary, as if we’re not really serious about this stuff, but just pitching what sells.

But now comes evidence that the precipitous drop in net worth of American families reported last week continued right up to the 89.9th percentile and then abruptly stopped… Read More.


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Mitt Romney Fudges His Fundraising Figures To Suggest He’s Popular With Non-Rich People


Mitt Romney’s campaign boasted at the end of March that 84% of its campaign contributions came from donations of $250 or less, implying that his campaign was beginning to appeal to the coveted non-private-jet-owning demographic.

But as with most statistics, this number hid more than it revealed…Read More


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Mitt Romney: “Poppycock!”


Good eve, gentle internetsmen. Permit me to direct your monocles to this tidbit of newsity, courtesy the fine lads over at the Boston Globe (Boston, where nobody tells fibs), in which one Mitt Romney, back in the year of our lord 2004, did declare of John Kerry’s critique of President George Bush’s economy, “Poppycock!”…Read it all here.

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“Money” Mitt Romney Raps Eminem Tune















Words cannot express how much I enjoyed this. You will not regret the 2:44 you devote to watching this today…Watch the video here

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Ann Romney: “I Don’t Even Consider Myself Wealthy” (VIDEO)








Ann Romney, the dogged and poised better half of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, may have made her first campaign faux pas today on Fox News Channel when she said “I don’t even consider myself wealthy.” And if you do, it’s your fault and you should change…Read More

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Romney Releases Two Years of Tax Returns Amid Heavy Scrutiny









Mitt Romney released his 2010 and prepared 2011 tax returns early Tuesday morning, hoping to quell growing suspicions over his financial status, tax rate, and potential improprieties…Read More

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