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Rick Perry Rejects Medicaid Expansion, Because It Kinda Feels Like Secession

(Read the full article here: Rick Perry Rejects Medicaid Expansion, Because It Kinda Feels Like Secession)


Rick Perry, last seen comparing Social Security to a Ponzi scheme, singing the UT fight song “I’ve Been Working On The Railroad” in a New Hampshire bathroom, and doing this, became on Monday the fourth governor to refuse the Medicaid expansion provision of the Affordable Care Act.


Perry joins fellow gulf shrimp Rick Scott of Florida, along with Scott Walker of Wisconsin and Nikki Haley of South Carolina, in rejecting the Medicaid expansion provision, which ups the threshold for Medicaid from 37% of the poverty line to 133%. If implemented, the expansion would insure 49.4% of uninsured Texas by 2019.  

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Rick Perry’s Plan To Make The Rest Of Us As Stupid As He Is


Those of you who were first exposed to Rick Perry during the GOP primary may know him only as a walking seltzer bottle. But did you know he runs the entire state of Texas—like, the whole thing, from Amarillo to Brownsville and El Paso to Beaumont—and is currently dismantling it as fast as he can?

Perry’s legislature cut $1 billion from higher education during last session’s immolation of the state’s resources and social services. The cuts left universities with huge budget gaps, but the UT regents, appointed by Perry, obeyed the governor’s request for a tuition freeze, meaning the gaps will have to be eliminated through strict spending cuts, like dropping salaries or laying off staff. (This was all despite a several billion dollar rainy day fund…Read More


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