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Operation Twist: Is The Fed Too Afraid Of Seeming Partisan To Help The Economy?

(Read the full article here: Operation Twist: Is The Fed Too Afraid Of Seeming Partisan To Help The Economy?)

In terms of influence over the next President, the Supreme Court pales in comparison to Ben Bernanke. Only Europe will have more influence than the bald, mild-mannered, and lightly-bearded Chairman of the Federal Reserve. With Congress dithering away their time lobbying softball questions at Jamie Dimon, the Fed is the only institution acting to save the recovery. Should Europe collapse, Bernanke stands alone between us and the abyss, and analyzing Bernanke’s every move has become a fevered science on Wall Street.


But weeks of speculation capped off Thursday in a disappointing decision that evoked neither excitement nor terror in the markets. Unable to commit, or ensure the success, of more aggressive action, Bernanke offered only a modest stimulus package to jolt demand…. Read More.


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