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Russia Is Flexing Its Military Might In A Big Way – But For Whom?


(Read the full article here: Russia Is Flexing Its Military Might In A Big Way – But For Whom?)

There was another show of might today, when two Russian Navy ships entered the eastern Mediterranean as an advance unit of an 11-warship flotilla. This, according to James Brooke of VOA, is to be “the largest display of Russian naval power in the Mediterranean since the collapse of the Soviet Union.”

“Russia has a crystal clear position,” said Yevgeny Michenko, the director of the International Institute for Policies Expertise in Moscow. “It means that Russia does not want to support changes of the Syrian president, and Russia doesn’t support any kind of military operation like it was in Libya.”…Read More.


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Violence In Syria Escalates, Global And Regional Powers Debate Intervention

















Last week, Russia and China cast their veto in the United Nations Security Council preventing a resolution in that body calling on Syria to end its months-long campaign of violence against civilians as that Middle Eastern nation spirals into civil war. Following that veto, Syrian security forces proceeded to escalate their prosecution of the war that threatens to send the volatile region into further chaos…Read More

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