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Victories For Hatch And Rangel Show Incumbents Are Still Strong – If They Have Money

(Read the full article here: Victories For Hatch And Rangel Show Incumbents Are Still Strong – If They Have Money)

Once upon a time, tea-party affiliated nonprofit FreedomWorks funneling $900,000 into the Utah Republican primary would have been enough to boot a long-time incumbent like Orrin Hatch from Congress.

On Tuesday, however, just such an efforts failed: Hatch defeated his opponent, Dan Liljenquist, by more than 34 percentage points. In a primary season where seasoned incumbents have been dropping like flies to tea party backed candidates, Hatch’s win might mean the decline of tea party influence….Read more.

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Mourdock And Donnelly Tied for Lugar’s Old Senate Seat


After longtime Indiana Senator Dick Lugar went down in an historic primary defeat last week, Democrats were aglow over the sudden competitiveness of Lugar’s seat. Lugar would have strolled away with the election; extreme right wing candidate Richard Mourdock was a different story entirely.

Polling suggests the Democrats may have be right. In the first poll taken since the primary, Mourdock and Democratic challenger Joe Donelly are tied at 40 percent. While more people know Mourdock—he’s the state treasurer, and has a knack for garnering headlines by threatening to sue the federal government and calling Medicare and Social Security unconstitutional and so on—he’s also quite unpopular after the grueling primary, as is the tea party that backed him. Donnelly, meanwhile, suffers from poor name recognition, but is well liked among those who know who he is. 

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Sarah Palin’s Super PAC Raises $1 Million


But Palin, perhaps because of her stewardship of a state so isolated from the rest of the nation, understands that a significant portion of policy battles are won or lost at congressional levels, not in the White House. Her money will likely be directed toward specially picked House and Senate races in 2012, where it could have an outsized influence….Read More

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