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Newt Gingrich Would Like To Have a Tweet-Talk About Electro-Magnetic Pulse Attacks

(Read the full article here: Newt Gingrich Would Like To Have a Tweet-Talk About Electro-Magnetic Pulse Attacks)

Oh, thank all gods Allah through Zeus Newt Gingrich is back! It’s been a long stretch, people, a long stretch of pretending I know about the Commerce Clause and derivative trading and electoral demographics. This job was a lot easier more fun when Newt was around.

Well, he visited this weeked in Twitter form (and note that his Twitter page still says Newt 2012), mentioning that the power outage the DC/Baltimore area experienced this weekend is mightily similar to what an electro-magnetic pulse attack would look like. And are we prepared for one? NO!…Read More


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How Effective Is Obama’s Counterterrorist Policy If It Creates More Terrorists?

(Read the full article here: How Effective Is Obama’s Counterterrorist Policy If It Creates More Terrorists?)

Kill List, drones, cyber warfare, unmanned naval vehicles. In the coming months, you’ll be hearing plenty about these new means of war and destruction that have come to define the Obama Doctrine. Here’s a glossary to help you through:

In Obama’s first bid for the presidency, he vowed to reverse many of the defining Bush-era foreign policies: clandestine CIA bases and prisons, coercive interrogation techniques, torture, indefinite detention without trial or accusation, drone strikes and civilian deaths. But for the most part, Obama’s foreign policy has been a continuation of what we now call the Bush Doctrine….Read More


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Drone Strikes, Civilian Casualties and “The Kill List”

The New York Times ruined everybody’s Tuesday with the thorough evolution of Obama’s counterterrorism measures, in an article that ranged over Obama’s bungled non-closing of Guatanamo Bay to his legal maneuverings around the ending of rendition to his personal approval process over what’s being called a “kill list,” a collection of names of terrorists (we think/hope) for elimination via drone strikes.

The portrait that emerges is one of a fast-learning, hands-on President, who rapidly changed course from his detached mismanagement of the Guantanamo Bay fiasco to preside personally over the details of counterterrorism decisions. It also shows Obama the cold pragmatist, using his legal skills to widen the scope of rendition even as he appeared publicly to prohibit the practice, and negotiating harsher practices for terrorists overseas to shore up civil rights for terrorists caught stateside. And last, it shows a president comfortable with the use of force on behalf of the United States, one who understands the moral weight of assassination but who nonetheless employs the practice with little regret… Read more.

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