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Supporter Slaps Tom Barrett For Conceding Election

Tom Barrett got slapped last night.

Literally. After conceding the loss to Scott Walker in Tuesday night’s recall election, Tom Barrett was making the rounds amongst his supporters when one woman asked if she could slap him for conceding the race before all the votes had been counted… Read More.

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The Wisconsin Recall Effort: An Autopsy

Welp, I promised y’all an autopsy, and here it is. 

First, I guess, the good news: Wisconsin Dems may have taken the state Senate. As of this writing, challenger John Lehman had a fingernail lead over state Senator Van Wanggard. Winning that seat would flip the Senate to the Democrats, and force Walker to govern more to the center out of political necessity… Read More.

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Poll Tightens Ahead of Wisconsin Recall, But It May Be Too Late

The fact that Democrats have already started the blame game over Tom Barrett‘s likely loss tomorrow in Wisconsin is not a good sign for either Tom Barrett or the Democratic operation in general, as it shows an organization lackadaisical and anemic about the highest profile election of the season short of the presidency.

The “Where’s Obama?” chorus in particular is growing, as Obama has been appearing raising money everywhere but Wisconsin (though most political strategists question whether he would have made much of an impact). Meanwhile, the DNC finally kicked in some cash, but Barrett is still being outspent 5-to-1 by Walker, who raised a total of $30 million… Read More.


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Bill Clinton Stumps for Barrett In WI, But Backhands Obama Over Bain Attacks

Former President Bill Clinton just did Wisconsin Democrats a solid while simultaneously backhanding Obama and his team. Friday, Clinton voiced his support for Tom Barrett, the Democratic candidate running against Scott Walker in the upcoming Wisconsin recall election, and in almost the same moment pulled a Corey Booker, condemning about Obama’s Bain-bashing campaign.

Clinton’s decision to campaign against Walker in Wisconsin is expected to boost support for Barrett, who needs a heavy turnout to win on Tuesday. Although recent polls show Walker to be ahead of Barrett by seven percentage points, internal polls in the party suggest that the race is much closer. No one knows if the polls will actually perform well in predicting the outcome in Tuesday’s recall, as gubernatorial elections traditionally have not produced wonderful voter turnout. But everyone involved in this election—Republicans, tea partiers, Democrats, and Labor—have built significant ground support that is generating momentum and numbers…. Read More

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Walker Leads Barrett By 7 In Latest Poll

Scott Walker appears to be maintaining his lead over challenger Tom Barrett, despite Democrat-friendly polls that were purporting to show the two in a dead heat.

Despite numerous polls showing Walker pulling away with the lead, Democrats had been adamant that internal polling told a different story, with a poll coming out this morning from Celinda Lake, a Democratic pollster, that had the two split at 49% apiece. Democrats and labor groups said the previous polls had been taken before Barrett and a slew of DNC money were able to run ads to counter the onslaught of ads from Walker, who has $30 million and a head start in his favor… Read more.

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Tom Barrett Would Like You To Know That He’s Not Scott Walker


Scott Walker’s infamous divide-and-conquer strategy has done wonders for his governorship and public image: after enraging teachers, laborers and union workers for his attacks on collective bargaining rights, nearly one million Wisconsonites signed a petition to unseat Republic Gov. Walker.

On Tuesday, Tom Barrett, one of four democrats who were hoping to replace Gov. Walker, emerged as the winner of the recall election primary. Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee since 2004, first ran against Walker in 2010, losing by 125,000 votes in a GOP wash that also resulted in the loss of Russ Fiengold’s U.S. Senate seat…Read More

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