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Howard Dean’s Right: Wisconsin Was A Win For the Dems

When I first read the headline “Howard Dean: We Look At Wisconsin As A Win,” I was all set to write a “Howard Dean Lives In A Candy House On Lollipop Lane” post. After all, nothing has been more painful than watching Dems try to spin Wisconsin. It wasn’t so much the loss—the recall was always a longshot—as the perception (or was it a reality?) that the national Democratic party left Wisconson out to dry, and potentially undermined their own populist narrative while doing so… Read More


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The Wisconsin Recall Effort: An Autopsy

Welp, I promised y’all an autopsy, and here it is. 

First, I guess, the good news: Wisconsin Dems may have taken the state Senate. As of this writing, challenger John Lehman had a fingernail lead over state Senator Van Wanggard. Winning that seat would flip the Senate to the Democrats, and force Walker to govern more to the center out of political necessity… Read More.

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Walker Leads Barrett By 7 In Latest Poll

Scott Walker appears to be maintaining his lead over challenger Tom Barrett, despite Democrat-friendly polls that were purporting to show the two in a dead heat.

Despite numerous polls showing Walker pulling away with the lead, Democrats had been adamant that internal polling told a different story, with a poll coming out this morning from Celinda Lake, a Democratic pollster, that had the two split at 49% apiece. Democrats and labor groups said the previous polls had been taken before Barrett and a slew of DNC money were able to run ads to counter the onslaught of ads from Walker, who has $30 million and a head start in his favor… Read more.

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Is Scott Walker Manipulating Job Data?

With the Wisconsin recall election just three weeks away, a new Marquette Law School Poll shows Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker leading Democratic challenger Tom Barrett by six percentage points, up from his one point lead just three weeks ago.

But the push may be due less to Walker’s popularity than a statistical manipulation of his performance. In March, before the recall election primaries, Wisconsin witnessed the nation’s largest percentage decrease in employment.  Walker’s jump in the polls occurred just after this jobs report—one not used anywhere else in the nation because it doesn’t come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics—that ostensibly discredits all of the negative reports before it.  

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Tom Barrett Would Like You To Know That He’s Not Scott Walker


Scott Walker’s infamous divide-and-conquer strategy has done wonders for his governorship and public image: after enraging teachers, laborers and union workers for his attacks on collective bargaining rights, nearly one million Wisconsonites signed a petition to unseat Republic Gov. Walker.

On Tuesday, Tom Barrett, one of four democrats who were hoping to replace Gov. Walker, emerged as the winner of the recall election primary. Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee since 2004, first ran against Walker in 2010, losing by 125,000 votes in a GOP wash that also resulted in the loss of Russ Fiengold’s U.S. Senate seat…Read More

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Will Scott Walker Smuggle a November Wisconsin Win for the GOP?


Romney currently trails Obama by anywhere from 11 to 17 points in the state, and needs all the help he can. Wisconsin is not out of range for the Republicans, as despite the fact that the state has voted Democrat in presidential elections since 1984, 2000 and 2004 were extremely close, meaning a strong Republican showing can lean the race into Romney’s favor, if not by much…Read More

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Maryland, Wisconsin, DC: What to Expect From Tonight’s Primaries

The long GOP primary race lumbers into Maryland, Wisconsin, and Washington, D.C., today. With Romney set to win all three races — Nate Silver has him up by 24 points in Maryland and 7 in Wisconsin — and the next primary three weeks away, Romney has a better chance than he has in while to seal the inevitability of his nomination…Read More

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Scott Walker Trails All Opponents in New Poll













The new PPP poll found Walker slightly trailing every one of his real and imagined Democratic opponents. The two challengers to have announced so far, Tom Barrett and Kathleen Falk, beat Walker by 3 points and 1 point respectively, and hypothetical candidate Russ Feingold beats him by 7. As the previous poll had Walker beating all other candidates, the negative press of the recall is clearly taking its toll on his approval….Read More

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Wisconsin Democrats Submit 1 Million Signatures To Recall Scott Walker








Don’t write Walker off yet, though: the Democrats still have not settled on a candidate of their own, and it’s much easier to rile up protest signatures than to get out the vote. Two of the four Republican senators challenged in last fall’s recall efforts survived, suggesting that however energizing the issues involved may be, the elections themselves are still subject to the standard forces of district politics…Read More

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