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Texas Women Plague Rick Perry’s Facebook Wall With Menstruation Questions



















Six months ago, Rick Perry was inspiring excitement across demoralized Republican base.

Now he’s dealing with a different kind of passion. In protest of Perry’s defunding of low-incoming women’s health programs, women have been posting their menstruation questions on Rick Perry’s Facebook wall. After all, if he won’t fund women’s health services, perhaps he’d like to help them out himself?…Read More

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Florida to Investigate Trayvon Martin Shooting, Probably Should Rethink One or Two of Their Laws














In the about-damn-time file, State Attorney Norm Wolfinger announced on Tuesday that Florida will convene a grand jury to investigate the shooting of Trayvon Martin, just hours after the FBI decided to initiate a federal inquiry into the incident…Read More

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Ryan’s Budget Set to Doom Republicans (Again)












Paul Ryan is rolling out his new budget this week, and in most substantive policy terms, it’s a repeat of last year’s version, Path To Prosperity (even the ad campaigns are near-identical).

This is, according to conventional wisdom, terrible for Republicans. Though popular with party purists, Path To Prosperity landed last year with a thud; Democrats, with a little help from everybody’s favorite wacky uncle, were able to use to paint the Republicans as austere bulls in the Medicare china shop, and even picked up a surprise House seat from the fallout.

But did the budget actually hurt Republicans, or is this a case of ye olde echo chamber? In other words, did Chris Matthews and Chris Cizilla repeat the mantra that this budget was political poison so many times that it became accepted as true without actually being true?…Read More

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Quinnipiac Poll Shows Obama Holds Strong Lead In Virginia

A Quinnipiac University survey released on Tuesday shows President Obama leading all his potential Republican opponents by wide margins. The poll puts Obama up by his biggest lead in the Old Dominion state by the largest lead of the 2012 election cycle so far…Read More

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Obama Blames Fox News For Troubles With White, Middle-Class Males















In an upcoming book by Mother Jones’ Washington Bureau Chief David Corn, President Obama blamed Fox News Channel for his polling problems among white, middle-class men.

In the book “Showdown,” which details the trails of the Obama administration over the course of his first term in office, Obama blamed Fox for his low approval in among a broad voting bloc because their anchors continually promote the false notion that “Obama is a Muslim 24/7…Read More


TN Abortion Bill To Target Abortion Patients, Doctors














Another week, another abortion bill.

Tennessee is considering legislation that would require physicians to file detailed reports on each abortion performed, essentially making a personal file about each abortion patient and doctor who performed the procedure. Who could possibly want that information?…Read More

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“Money” Mitt Romney Raps Eminem Tune















Words cannot express how much I enjoyed this. You will not regret the 2:44 you devote to watching this today…Watch the video here

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If The GOP Needed Palin To Stir The Base In 2008, They’ll Need Two Palins In 2012















Gallup, the pollster of record, and its chairman, Frank Newport, have some bad news for the Republican party this year – they’re less enthusiastic about the present GOP presidential field than they were about Sen. John McCain in 2008…Read More

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Ann Romney: “I Don’t Even Consider Myself Wealthy” (VIDEO)








Ann Romney, the dogged and poised better half of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, may have made her first campaign faux pas today on Fox News Channel when she said “I don’t even consider myself wealthy.” And if you do, it’s your fault and you should change…Read More

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Super Tuesday: The States And Candidates To Watch Tonight










Moving into the key Super Tuesday primaries, it is important to note that Mitt Romney remains the frontrunner and even if he has a “bad night” it will be one accompanied by a floor of 150+ delegates. Many suspect that the former Massachusetts governor could secure more than 200 delegates tonight. Even with the outside possibility that he loses Ohio and Tennessee (which is possible if not probable), Romney will still emerge the delegate leader tonight…Read More

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